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If you are interested in some of the highest quality fire agate gems on the market then consider the fire agate gemstone collection of Bob Beaudry. Over the last 30 years Mr. Beaudry has collected the largest fire agate collection in the world with some of his finest stones being reserved for an offer to purchase the entire collection. Please, serious inquiries only and a minimum purchase of at least $1500.
Image Fire Agate Ring In business since 1977 SDavid Fine Jewelry of Tucson Arizona has a wide selection of Fire Agate Jewelry for sale. Visit this site to view and purchase wonderful Fire Agate and Sterling Silver Jewelry, lovely Fire Agate gemstones set in gold, and other fine fire agate jewelry creations. They also carry a great assortment of Native American jewelry, Fire Opals, and Turquoise Rough and Cabs.
Long time fire agate carver Ryszard Krukowski of Fire Agate Art Studio sells a wide variety of fire agates including finished fire agate gemstones, uncut Fire Agate Rough, Windowed Fire Agate Rough, and Fire Agate Jewelry. Be sure to visit the Fire Agate Art Studio Gallery to see some of Ryszard's amazing creations.
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Mr. Lopacki's website has a selection of quality cabochons, beads, jewelry and Fire Agate Gemstones For Sale. He also has a great story on his exploration and discovery of New Mexico Fire Agates.
Dave Penney, owner of the Deer Creek Fire Agate Mine in Arizona, has a selection of Deer Creek Fire Agate Gemstones available for sale. Mr. Penney has been mining fire agates at Deer Creek for many years and at times runs a pay to mine operation that allows individuals to collect thier own fire agate rough using his custom Gem-A-Nator.
Fire Agate Fan Facebook Group Logo If you are looking for fire agate for sale or wish to sell your fire agates then join thousands of people on Facebook who are buying, selling and discussing Fire Agates on the Fire Agate Fan and the Fire Agate Free For All groups. Fire Agate Free For All Facebook Group Logo
Fire Agate Rough Buyers Guide: We also have a Fire Agate Rough Buyers Guide available on our main Fire Agate US website which is a good place to start if you are new to purchasing fire agate rough.

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